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Mr level 132 counters somthing similar to

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Mr level 132 counters somthing similar to has not posted anything yet
Start date 09-23-21 - 11:45
End date 09-30-21 - 11:45
  • Description

    Okay, so i was slaying my way in the kuradel Dungeon. However, as i continue to beat up a few abyssals, i notice that two people are having a deep conversation. I would normally ignore them and go on with my task, but this line attracted my attention.

    "No No black people can't afford to participate in this game!" I couldn't help but laugh so much that I couldn't stop myself from laughing! I was laughing so damn hard my balls started hurtin... Okay, maybe not that hard but you get the point.

    I try to avoid discussions like this, and usually I just let them dunk it out until someone gets labeled "nolife" or something. But, this time I was feeling quite evil and decided to start the discussion with a strong opening line. This is absolutely real. "I'M BLACK, AND I play RUNECAPE!" SURPRISE! "SURPRISE!"

    It was a great feeling. That last part is not true. The real story is fallows... i was unsure whether they were really serious or if it was a big joke so forgive me if the fallowing seems absurd and unreal, but it's the truth.

    I would like to include the next few lines. But any idiot could discern what the chatroom looked in those few lines. And a level 132 member joins.

    Because of my sluggish nature* because another black mark could likely result in my account being bannedI usually get out of conversdations at about this point. This was getting very interesting, and I couldn't help myself. Level 132 says it is part of an all-black clan. and player1 declares his father belongs to the clan IRL and that he is against blacks, Blah.

    Mr level 132 counters somthing similar to. "I'll be all black and chanted in your asses." The shizzle really hits the fan since other slayers who are in the the dungeon are interested and begin adopting sides. There were eight of us in the dungeon. All except for one level 116, who took sides, and started to violate the rules, shouting out racist stuff, and making the box look like 50cent's script. every one ignore the level 116 that hadn't said a word.

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