Maybe a prayer pot if your really paranoid but you won't need this

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g your melee OSRS gold and magical levels are somewhat low. Take a rune crossbow with ~2k adamant bolts (based on how long your staying, 1k is sufficient for a shorter excursion ), an anti-dragonbreath protect, full dragonhide with archer helm and snakeskin boots, ring of wealth, and also the very best RFD gauntlets you may wear/black dhide vambs. Also an ava's accumulator. Bring better gear if you're able to manage to attract it (and lose it). In your inventory, you are able to take about 6-8 antifire potions (depending on the length of time you intend on staying), a woodcutting axe and 875 gp (to get the dragons), a few nature and fire runes always help alch drops such as rune limbs, some sapphire (electronic ) bolts are great to poisen the dragons in the beginning, which can help a bit, then change into addy bolts (optional).

Maybe a prayer pot if your really paranoid but you won't need this, along with the rest sharks. It's possible to bring range potions, they rate up you quite a little, but at extra cost. Simply stand back a few squares and range them, its easy as soon as you arrive, be sure you are plagued with your antifire, you'll understand when to repot when the dragons breath begins hitting you (as long as your defense is equipped it is only going to hit 1-5 damage so don't fret too much).

Proselyte Full/Dragon Full/Guthans Complete [just in the event that you dont mind losing it if you die and dont mind wasting cash for charging it] Abbysal Whip/D scimitar/or any single passed quickly and strong weapon. Anti-Dragon/Dragon Fire shield. Amulet of fury or the dragon rock one. Best gloves you can get. Any ring. Rune/Dragon boot Inventory. A great deal of prayer potions. [approximately 10]. Some strength potions, anti-fire potions. . .only if you want. [totally 5]. Elf crystal[I obtained this from] 3-4 better or sharks. Id say splitbark as it provides several xtra defence. It all depends on whether you mind losing them if you die and your cash. The very best staff[think about the above] Antidragon/dragonfire. The remainder just like above. Inventory should be similar, but have space for runes for cheap RuneScape gold fire burst.