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Because Pking is pretty much dead a pure is not going to do much anymore, but you can still make one in the event that you would like. Train Attack and RS gold Strengh on Dummies in Varrock, once you get to the max level you can get on them start taking on goblins, guys, chicken etc etc.. As your levels get higher and higher proceed to more powerful npcs. I'd recommend you train you strength and attack in a lot of 5 levels. Progression like this will be effective. 5 Attack, 5 Power, afterward 10 att, then 10 strength, 15 att, 15 str, 20 att, 20 str, 25 att, 30 str (you should be able to train better in the 25-30), 30 att, 35 str. 45 att, 55 str, 50 att (if you would like to stop here with attack and get a gmaul then train str like mad, go for it.)

I would suggest you get 5 strike levels after every 10 or so from 50+ because there's absolutely no purpose of owning a pure with 99 str and 50 attack since you'd never hit. Defence, prayer, mage and range will be around you, if you want to train them. More better is double comparitive there are no better! On subject I would recomend you never make a pure unless you're looking for something to eat up your time. Make the pure once you know that you have something to buy osrs gold safe use it for, rather then just sitting at your computer waiting for 1 Measure 1 bounty hunter.