I'ts unreal how difficult some things are.

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I'ts unreal how difficult some things are.

And I think you're misunderstanding my comment. I didn't suggest they did nothing but develop NH for 7 years. That's obviously obviously based on Animal Crossing Bells the finished product. I had been somewhat creating the contrary statement really. That it's odd that the game feels half baked given they had 7 years between titles, even with some of the group on other endeavors.

I really like NH but it's the very first animal crossing game I have beaten in terms of paying off my home before we even got to fall.

Now money is futile so the loop is broken.

I have not loaded it up in ~4 weeks and whenever I think about it I do not actually know what I would accomplish in it.

Fossils are done (that is a first also ).

When cash is meaningless - what else is there to chase about the daily?

Boot up, see if Redd is in, see if any rare bugs are out / fish for that time.

Here is hoping for purposeful investments for Bells at a future update. I didn't even mistreat the Turnips like the others did.

I'ts unreal how difficult some things are.

Potential villagers and I can not ask a person to leave. When someone reaches the campsite, I have to go through the most infuriating song and dance to make them move in and I'm not even allowed to pick who I wanted to move out.

This, along with so many goofy little things, make a cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells peaceful experience turn sour in this kind of unnecessary manner.